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Sports Chiropractors Guide to Hot V Cold for Injuries

Here's the deal: Both Ice (or cryotherapy) and heat (thermotherapy) are low risk, cheap, and highly effective self management strategies used to help an injury. However, they will NOT "fix" the problem. ​We discuss what to use and when to u...

Category: Self Management

How can Sports Chiropractic help me?

What I get asked on a daily basis is "What is a Sports Chiropractor and how do they differ from a traditional Chiropractor?" Often the next question is "Can they help me?" To answer the first question, it is important to note that to be a Spor...

4 Ways to improve knee pain and Prevent knee Injuries with Chiropractic

The knee's play a crucial role in most athletic activities such as running and jumping. They're arguably the most common sports related injuries, because of their location and complexity (1). Most knee injuries stem from poor running techniq...

Category: Common Injuries

Shoulder pain in Boxers & Martial artists: Part 1 – Identifying the Source

It is no surprise that boxers use their shoulders and arms more than any other athlete. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that shoulder injuries are the second most common injuries suffered by boxers, second only to facial lacerat...

Category: Common Injuries
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