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Hayden Bryant

Remedial Massage Therapist

Hayden is our remedial massage therapist with a wealth of knowledge ready to be applied.

About me

Hi, my name is Hayden Bryant. I am the qualified remedial massage therapist here at My Sports Chiropractor, Kingsgrove.

Early in my teen years I was quite active. I was heavily involved in soccer and enjoyed playing each week. I’d usually back it up by watching my favourite team in the English Premier League, Chelsea FC.

I soon started to experience small injuries and niggles that would affect me physically and mentally. I managed to find a great physiotherapist and remedial massage therapist who helped me through my injuries. I started training in the gym and after regular remedial massages and rehabilitation exercises, I was able to train again with confidence.

Naturally, this sparked my interest in the musculo-skeletal system and biomechanics (movement mechanics). And not long after, I enrolled and completed a diploma in remedial and sports massage.

After many years of learning and training, I have become proficient in a variety of therapeutic techniques, including

  •  Sports remedial massage
  •  Deep tissue massage
  •  Active release techniques
  •  Myofascial muscle releases technique
  •  Gentle pregnancy massage

I’ve played soccer for many years as well as boxing. This has expanded my knowledge of managing all types of sports injuries and non-sporting injuries. Also, I’m currently a member of AMT (Association of Massage Therapy).

When I am not spending time working at My Sports Chiropractor, I’m working as a Lifeguard at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool in Sutherland. I occupy my time with reading and studying anatomy which allows me to understand sports and exercise in a far greater depth.

I am available at My Sports Chiropractor Kingsgrove on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I believe that having a body that moves better will make you feel better. I look forward to working with you and the My Sports Chiropractor community to deliver excellent service and personal care.

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