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Our Sports Chiropractors and Massage therapists are well trained and highly qualified to assess the movement of your spine and pelvis to identify the cause and source of pain and administer the most suitable treatment for you to help relieve sciatica pain immediately.

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Low back pain is one of the most common complaint’s we see at My Sports Chiropractor. As we always say, understanding and identifying the cause of your low back pain is integral to getting best result for you. Our aim is to relieve sciatica pain immediately.

The latest research shows that chiropractic treatment is highly effective for the treatment of acute and chronic low back pain, including the radiating pain down the leg, known as sciatica.


Common symptoms associated with low back pain include:

  • Stiffness, common in mornings
  • Aching and soreness across BOTH sides of the low back, common after physical activity or heavy lifting
  • Pain when coughing/sneezing
  • Localised pain when standing up after prolonged sitting
  • Pain with prolonged standing
  • Referred pain into thigh, buttock or back of the leg
  • Pins and needles across the legs
  • Pain when bending forward, i.e end of a dead lift
  • Pain when in sitting position of a squat
Common symptoms associated with low back pain
My sports chiropractor low back pain

If you have ever experienced tingling, numbness and shooting electric like discomfort down the back of your leg, then that is sciatica.

Often patients with pelvis and hip issues will often complain about the following symptoms:

  • Night pain and difficulty sleeping on one side
  • Pain bending forward and back up. Often patients use their hands to walk up their knees to straighten then back
  • ONE sided pain i.e when kicking a ball
  • Groin and/or knee pain
  • Trouble getting out of the car


The true cause of your back pain can vary from simple to complex. Most low back injuries stem from over use and your body has a remarkable way of compensating. Therefore other surrounding muscles and joints in the pelvis, back and legs begin to take on the work load of the back. As a result, they also become over used and sore and this will have ripple effects on neighbouring body parts.
It is integral that the initial cause of your injury is treated, and NOT the overlying compensation.

At My Sports Chiropractors, we pride ourselves on being able to identify the initial cause of your injury and provide you with the correct solutions to resolve these issues. Common causes may include:

  • Sudden jerking motion when lifting
  • Trauma i.e tackle in football, throw down from martial arts etc
  • Repetitive bending and twisting
  • High heels
  • Degeneration (arthritis)
  • Underlying medical condition i.e infection
  • Side effect to medications prescribed by your doctor

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​Low back pain often resolves on its own however may take anywhere from days to months.

What To Expect Without Treatment

​Low back pain often resolves on its own however may take anywhere from days to months. A common pattern with low back pain, is that it ‘cycles’. That is, it comes, goes and eventually with time, come back again. This is largely due to the underlying cause of your injury, not being adequately addressed through passive treatment (i.e chiropractic).

What we commonly see here at My Sports Chiropractor, is the changing nature of pain when low back pain and sciatica is left unresolved. That is, it begins to come on more frequently, last longer and doesn’t respond to conventional treatment remedies used in the past i.e anti inflammatories, stretches, ice and/or heat. Sciatica patients find that shooting pain down the leg intensifies and positions that were comfortable before are no longer comfortable.

In short, the longer low back pain and sciatica remain, the harder it becomes to correct and improve!

How We Can Help You ?

We take the steps to identify and address the underlying cause of your injury to break up your cycle of pain. Treating low back pain and sciatica can be tricky, but our chiropractors are highly qualified professionals who are trained to relieve sciatica pain immediately. We work closely with out massage therapists to take an integrated approach to your health. By doing this, we can achieve the best outcome possible.

Soft tissue therapies, dry needling and the chiropractic adjustment are some of the powerful tools that our chiropractors implement in their treatment plans. These tools, particularly spinal manipulations, are effective in correcting poor spinal and pelvis mechanics, which are often present with low back pain patients. By addressing the underlying cause and correcting the the way you move, the reoccurrence of your low back pain and sciatica will be minimised.

How We Can Help You ?
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