Chiropractor Beverly Hills

Chiropractor Beverly Hills

We will identify and address any contributing factors to your condition and assist you in getting back to the track or field sooner.

Neck Pain

Quality chiropractic care you can rely on

We know back aches and neck pain can be especially trying, particularly when it prevents you from doing everyday work or enjoying your favourite

When you need to see a chiropractor for back pain, or you believe a chiropractor for neck pain can help, we provide you with all the benefits of our chiropractic treatments. We’ll help restore your mobility and free you from discomfort.

Sciatica relief in Beverly Hills

If you’ve ever experienced sciatica, you would know recovery can take time. Fortunately, chiropractic treatment is helpful to relieve sciatica pain immediately.

Located near Beverly Hills, our spinal care chiropractic treatment can improve nerve function and provide lasting pain relief.

We use safe, research backed techniques to relieve the compression impacting the nerve causing your sciatica pain and help you achieve a speedy recovery.

If you’re looking for sciatica relief, we’d love to help you at our chiropractic clinic where we assist patients from Kingsgrove, Earlwood, Bexley, Bexley North and Penshurst.

Low Back Pain & Sciatica

Full body chiropractic adjustment that focuses on your whole body

If injury or a health condition is impacting your mobility, a full body adjustment can help get you moving again.

Joint manipulations or ‘adjustments’ involve applying a controlled force into the affected joints and tissues that are restricted in movement. This helps to alleviate pain, muscle tightness and restores mobility.

If you’re looking for a full body adjustment chiropractor near me, visit our Kingsgrove chiropractor clinic. We service the surrounding suburbs of Earlwood, Bexley, Bexley North, Beverley Hills and Penshurst.

Shockwave therapy fast acting pain relief

The greatest benefit of shockwave therapy is its ability to reduce pain quickly and accelerate healing.

It is an ideal treatment for sufferers of so many conditions including tendon injuries, rotator cuff injuries, bursitis, muscular sprains and ligament strains, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel and more.

The shockwave unit delivers acoustic shockwaves to an injury site. This increases blood circulation and stimulates tissue healing. Some patients report immediate pain relief while for others it may take several sessions.

Enquire about shockwave therapy at our Kingsgrove chiropractor clinic.

Shockwave Therapy
Sports Chiropractor

Searching for the best chiropractor near me? We’ve got you covered

Our professional chiropractors strive to help patients achieve better mobility.

Looking for a local chiropractor? Visit our chiropractic clinic in Kingsgrove where we provide effective and quality chiropractic care for people suffering a range of joint and muscular conditions.

And if you’re looking for a female chiropractor near me, we can help with that too. If your personal preference is to be treated by a female chiropractor, we have professionals on staff to help you with their expert knowledge and care.

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